How I Started My Career in Digital Marketing and You Can Too

Kajal Gupta
How I started my career in digital marketing and you can too

In 2018, I stumbled upon a blog that featured Social Media Management as a career option. It sure stayed on my mind for long. Later, I went on to explore platforms like WordPress and played around with their free blog services. Both of these laid the foundation for my career in digital marketing.

The good thing about digital marketing is, it empowers you to work independently and from anywhere in the world. Moreover, the demand for Experts in this domain is at an all-time high. Due to a lack of proper insight, I couldn’t trust it for a promising career. I thought it better to enroll for an MBA first.

However, Corona happened, and everything went opposite to the plan. I chose to find my way in the digital world, which turned out to be just as I wanted; The best for me. Though, I could’ve done with a bit of guidance from someone already in the industry.

Hence, here I am, sharing what all I have learned along the way. If you’re a newbie or think about crafting a career in Digital Marketing, below are some tips that worked for me in my early days.

Google Course over Paid Course

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Certificate

There’s no dearth of high-priced digital marketing courses in India or across the globe. I’d often struggle to pick the right one. However, as it turns out, Google’s “Fundamentals of Digital Marketing” is ideal for a fair understanding of basics. It’s free, credible than most, and best for boosting your Resume. Even if you choose to go for other courses, do get this feather in your cap.

Build major Skills

Skills for digital marketing

After gaining a sound knowledge of basics, you can work on building major skills in digital marketing. These include Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, E-mail Marketing, and Analytics. I have linked along, the top courses for each of them. They’re all available online for free & come with a Certificate of Completion. You’ll be taught by the finest in the industry.

Practice on your Website

website illustration

While you pursue the courses mentioned above, it’s crucial to practice what you learn. You’ll need to throw in a few bucks and get a domain and hosting. Build up your website on WordPress and treat it as your first Digital Marketing Project. Set up a blog, host a resume or portfolio, sell stuff online, or just let it be a website with an about and contact page. You can take the help of Learn WordPress or wait for my upcoming posts.

If you’re not confident about setting up a website, you can try your hand at free blogs first. Head over to and try creating a dummy blog.

Get an Internship

Digital marketing Internship

This is where you get the real-world experience of everything you’ve learned till now. You could apply for internships through LinkedIn, Indeed, Naukri, Internshala, etc. Just make sure to optimize these professional platforms well in advance. Create profiles, fill in your details, and prepare your Resume. Observe & connect with digital marketing professionals on LinkedIn. It will give you an idea of the industry you’re about to step-in, and may also bring you new opportunities.

Start Now than Later

start sooner than later

Again, don’t make the same mistake as me! There’s no better time to start out in this domain than now. If you’re planning to get into the world of digital, please know that it’s ever-evolving and changing every day. Even if you couldn’t take it up as a standalone, keep learning about it bit by bit, on the side.

To learn Digital Marketing, there are no prerequisites. Except, Curiosity. You could be a BSc. or B.A, an MBA, or an Engineer, all that would matter is your interest, analytical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

That’s all for now! I hope this post addresses some of your concerns and you find yourself in a better position to decide than I did. You could always reach out to me for any queries or suggestions.

Also, I will be sharing more insights through the resources section. Let me knowπŸ‘‡πŸΌ what you’d like me to post about next.

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  1. Great Content…Thanks for sharing.

    I am also working in Digital Marketing field. Found this from LinkedIn. I have done my DM course from Udacity and it was costly.

    But the important thing is, like any other work we do, we also need to keep learning in this field, and updating our skills.

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